Welcome to monKeytrains – Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs through the blockchain game Train of the Century!

What is monKeytrains?

cryptomonKeys are freely distributed in a variety of ways. monKeytrains is about earning cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the NFT-based game Train of the Century. Deliver goods to any of the qualified stations (see below) for a chance to have cryptomonKeys NFTs dropped to your WAX wallet automagically!

How to participate?

  • Sign up or link your WAX Wallet to monKeyconnect.
  • Visit any cryptomonKeys station (see list below) in Train of the Century, the more visits you do the more likely you are to be dropped a cryptomonKey
  • Rewards will be sent out about once per week depending on how much Tocium each user has earned by visiting monKeytrains stations.
  • If you’ve never played Train of the Century before, you are probably eligible for the free monKey onboarding program we’re offering in collaboration with Train of the Century while supplies last.

Current qualifying stations in the Trevethick Pines region of Train of the Century are:

  • Night Park
  • Autumn’s Park
  • Wilding Gardens
  • Timber station
  • Talon Landing
  • Lagoon Depot
  • Seabreeze Station


Reward History

Cycle 1 (March 29 – April 12, beta phase) 255 cryptomonKeys sent to 185 participants