Introducing monkeyTrains – Play Train of the Century and Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs!

Train of the Century is a Play and Earn game on the Wax blockchain that’s centered around players running and managing their empire of of trains across different centuries. Learn more about the project and the team behind it here.

monKey onboarding program!

Train of the Century is offering starter setups and starter Tocium to the cryptomonKeys community. Open for every monKey being interested in trying out the game and participating in this NFT distribution method, for a limited time, while supplies last.

-Be in the cryptomonKeys Discord
-Be in the Train of the Century Discord
-Have not made a train run in Train of the Century before
-Fill out this form

How to Play and Earn

– Sign up or link your Wax Wallet to monKeyconnect
– Sign into and register your train in Train of the Century
– Build your train using the starter setups or by buying your own NFTs on the market
– Travel to the monKeytrains stations (in The Trevithick Pines area) and make train runs between the monKeytrains stations (current stations marked on image below)

– cryptomonKeys NFT rewards will be sent out based on a raffle system to users who have visited monKeytrains stations

For any questions or issues, or just to chat about monKeytrains visit the #monkeytrains channel at the cryptomonKeys discord.

You also can check the wiki or ask @Neffers#2303 or @mithc#1919 at discord.