monKeymining Loyalty Reward monKeystacks NFTs are here!

Today, we have revealed 6 brand-new monKeystacks, and all NFTs have already been fully distributed!

Check your wallets!

Some of you might remember that we promised loyalty rewards earlier this year for the most loyal monKeymining (Earn cryptomonKeys for playing Alien Worlds) participants. Now, we finally have sent out six different bantastic monKeystacks badges to a total of more than 10k Miner monKeys! Check your wallets!

Huge thanks to our artist Kinnester for the awesome art! You can find more distribution details in the respective NFT attributes, but we basically sent those out to all the loyal monKeyminers (and stakers) during monKeymining cycles 1-20.

For the new folks: Read up about monKeymining at
Classic cryptomonKeys NFT awards for playing are currently paused, but we have regular Alien Worlds based  community events going on our Discord server you can join. We also have ideas how to bring more regular events back as well at some point – stay tuned!

All monKeystacks (our next layer of community-created NFTs from the monKeyverse) can now also be found at

Stay tuned for more releases, and get involved if you like! That’s what all this is about – and we’re just getting started!