monKeybrigade by cryptomonKeys

Welcome to monKeybrigade – Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the game Taco Brigade!


What is monKeybrigade?

cryptomonKeys NFTs are freely distributed in various ways.
monKeybrigade is a way to earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing Taco’s free-to-play, play-to-earn game, Brigade.

By performing work at the cryptomonKeys venue “Los Bananos Hermanos” you are entered in a raffle for a chance to have cryptomonKeys NFTs dropped to your WAX wallet automagically!


How to participate:

  • Sign up or link your WAX Wallet to monKeyconnect
  • Visit the Taco Brigade app
  • Choose the venue “Los Bananos Hermanos” and volunteer.
  • Once the venue is set, you can start working!
  • No tools are required to participate, it is free to play!
  • You also can earn SHING by working, a swappable token of the Taco universe!

Never played brigade before? Further details can be found on the Taco website or come visit us in our discord for help getting started and to meet the community!