The monKeyprinters/core team wishes you a very Merry Christmas! We are so thankful this project took off that smoothly, with so much fun and excitement in the last three months since the launch. Nothing of all this would be possible without you guys, banfam/monkeyfam! A YUUUGE ‘thank you’ to all of you!

You might have seen that we just released our first two common cards yesterday! BRRR!

If you like to catch one of those and/or one of the other recently released cards, that’s super easy! Just join our Discord Server and leave your WAX address in the channel #giveaways (ends December 26th).

That’s it, everyone doing so will get a free card in a few days! Maybe even more than one if you’re lucky!

And in case you have missed it, here are several other ways to get free cryptomonKeys very easily:


Current ways to get free cryptomonKeys NFTs

Ah, and in case you got some free cards just today, that likely happened from monKeyfarm drops which happened today. Check out details here.

Stay tuned, we just started to monKey around!