Free BANANO-themed NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #22 - How to Get Free cryptomonKeys NFTs

cryptomonKeysis a freely distributed, community-driven, meme-rich digital trading card series based on NFT technology, here to disrupt the meme economy. Yes, cryptomonKeys are entirely distributed for free, through NFT giveaways and events running regularly on social media, especially on the cryptomonKeys Discord server

Newly joining users often wonder how they can get cryptomonKeys for free. So here’s a short how-to, and a recap of the latest monKeymining round (Earn cryptomonKeys by Playing Alien Worlds) in the BANANO blog at Publish0x.

Also, in case you missed it:

We recently introduced monKeyslots: Earn BANANO by Owning cryptomonKeys NFTs!

The cryptocurrency BANANO is also about trying out new ways of free and fair distribution. This time, we built a free2play/play2earn slot machine game you can use as BANANO faucet if you own cryptomonKeys NFTs! Take it as a first proof-of-concept beta to utilize NFT gamification for coin distribution across blockchains.

Details here at Publish0x