Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #4: Committed to Charity

We recently mentioned our commitment to charity in the last update within our FAQ already. As summarized there, we not only generally distribute cryptomonKeys NFTs for free, we also committed to donate a fraction (19%) of the market fee we receive from secondary market trading to charity. Donations will be calculated and sent every few months, first one will happen soon.

In addition, we decided to auction off a maximum of 1 cryptomonKey cards every 19 days and donate 81% of the proceeds from those auctions to charitable organizations. The first of these charity auctions has just concluded few days ago, and the winning bid reached an astonishing amount of 19191 WAX (equivalent to 708 USD at the time)!

Where will donations go to?

Donations for now will be sent to UpliftNation / UpliftDAO which is an upcoming charitable blockchain project founded by Michael Blu (also founder of which is another project combining NFT art and charity on the WAX blockchain).

Proceeds from the first charity auction have been sent to them already:
Donation (81% of Winning Bid minus marketplace and market fees): 
14146 WAX equaling $545 at the time of writing.
Donated to: Uplift Nation / UpliftDAO (Transaction)

More information about Uplift Nation also in this video:

All details around our charity activities from now on will always be summarized and documented here on this page.