cryptomonKeys Update or ‘How can I get free cryptomonKeys?’

With all the new users joining these days a recurring question being asked is “How can I get some free cryptomonKeys cards?”. It likely is not easy for everyone to get a clear overview right ahead since we have so many different things going on. So here’s a little update about recent news, including a brief list of current options of how to get your hands on some free cryptomonKeys NFTs quite easily further below.

Three New cryptomonKeys Revealed!

Within the last 10 days we released 3 new cryptomonKeys (No 22, 23, and 24) and started distribution in different ways! Check out all cryptomonKeys out so far in our Gallery!

monKeyfarm Update

After focusing on getting some other things done in the meantime we now have caught up with monKeyfarm and dropped lots of cards to our holders/community on top of the regular free distribution. Check out all details here.

Working Together With Uplift.Art

We give away our cards for free, but we donate parts of our collection/market fee to charity. Also, our first charity auction has recently ended, and so far we donated 14146 WAX (~571 USD) to Uplift.Nation by, who combine innovative Digital Art NFT concepts with charity. Learn more about our commitment to charity here.

Related to that, we just started our second charity auction, which is the first mint of the Legendary DeFi Yield Farmer (Card 4). Check it out here, the auction ends in 4 days.

Also, we received some more Uplift.Art community crates we’ll drop in the coming days through our discord tipbot. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t yet: announcement)

Now here’s some more news related to currenty options of getting free cryptomonKeys NFTs:

How to Get Free cryptomonKeys right now

  • Participate in this Airdrop at Publish0x (Link)
  • Claim Your Daily XMAS gifts (including the chance on free cryptomonKeys on the BANANO Discord (this requires BANANO Citizenship, read the announcement for full details). With each daily claim, you can either earn coal (nothing), or BANANO, or a cryptomonKey (uncommon, rare, or even if you’re very lucky: epic!). We already have given away hundreds of cryptomonKeys through this event.
  • Join this Card 21 Twitter Giveaway
  • Or join this Card 22 Twitter Giveaway
  • Or this Card 23 Twitter Giveaway
  • Or this Card 24 Twitter Giveaway
  • Join our discord server and create memes or cryptomonKeys art, or contribute by helping others, or read the pinned post in the channel #intro-and-feedback
  • Guess the name of the next card based on hints on the current card in the #monkeytalk channel on our discord server
  • If you have a decent following (1019+ followers) at twitter or other social media: Contact us, maybe we’re up for doing a giveaway together with you and reward you with free cards.
  • Hold any cryptomonKey in your wallet and you have a chance on monKeyfarm drops (learn more)
  • Also: Stay tuned and follow our social media for always new and always more ways to earn free cryptomonKeys!

Last but not least: The next cryptomonKey (No 25) will be released within the next 1 or 2 days, keep your eyes at announcements 😉