In addition to distributing cryptomonKeys for free, we are committed to charity.

19% of the market fees the cryptomonKeys project receives from secondary market trades are donated to charity, with on-chain transactions being sent to charities that accept on-chain donations. Donations are sent every few months.

Additionally, 100% of the proceeds from cryptomonKeys charity auctions are donated to charity. These auctions happen as card availability permits, and at most once per 19 days. Charity auctions are typically of high-rarity, low-mint number cards. Originally 81% of auction proceeds were donated to charity, but this was increased to 100% in early 2022.

Supported charities may change from time to time. If you have suggestions, feel free to contact us.

There is no ongoing auction at this time. The last cryptomonKeys charity auction was : cryptomonKey No 55 (Doge Days, Legendary)


Total donated to charity so far: 98116 WAX

All relevant details such as recipients of donations, amounts and transactions are documented in this shared google doc for transparency.