Announcing the cryptomonKeys X-Mas Calendar!

24 BANANO-themed cryptomonKeys NFTs to be released – here’s how to grab your daily free NFT:

  • Find the channel #santacommand and type the command ,santa
  • Once per calendar day (resets midnight EST), you will receive a free NFT from our NFT tipbot ‘The Green Wizard’ if you’re lucky. Or, if you’re unlucky, just some coal. You’ll be notified via DM by The Green Wizard.
  • Note: If you’re new to the cryptomonKeys discord, you might not see the channel directly. In that case head over to the channel #monkeystacks, chat a bit and find out more about cryptomonKeys. It won’t be long until you obtain the ‘common’ role and the channel appears, no worries (this is to limit this to real users). Also check out the channel #how-to-freebies for more ways on getting free cryptomonKeys NFTs.
  • Keep your eyes open for more announcements, there will be plenty more events and giveaways to receive free NFTs especially this December, at Discord and other cryptomonKeys socials!

Big thanks especially to and all the artists for making this possible!

Read up all details here: Medium | Publish0x